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Figure Skates Black Tape SK8 Tape  3/4  inches Wide
  • Laces should be removed only if you want SK8TAPE ® to cover the leather surrounding the lace holes.
  • For longer strips (i.e. across the sides of boot), use one hand to hold the roll and as a guide to line up the tape. Use the other hand to press and smooth the tape down as you work your way across the boot.
  • Don’t worry about excess SK8TAPE ® hanging off the boot while you are applying tape. You will later remove any excess tape with a utility knife.
  • It’s okay to stretch SK8TAPE ® as you pull it off the roll, but avoid stretching the tape when applying it to the boot.
SK8TAPE ® Application Directions

  • SK8 #1

    FIGURE 1:

  • Place a strip of ¾ in. SK8TAPE ® around the front of the toe along the sole. Each end of the strip should be between the tip of the toe and where the laces begin. (Excess tape covering the sole can be trimmed later.) 

    SK8 #2

    FIGURE 2:

  • Begin applying 1½ in. SK8TAPE ® by over-lapping the end of the previously applied ¾ in. strip. 
  • Line up the tape parallel to the bottom of the boot, covering part of the sole. Slowly press down on the tape by firmly sliding your hand across the strip. 
  • Note: If you have black boots, cover the sides of the heel and sole with SK8TAPE ® as well. 
  • Cut tape from roll where indicated. (For black boots ¾ cut at the back of the boot, so heel is covered.) 
  • Repeat on other side of the same boot. 

    SK8 #3

    FIGURE 3:

  • Start the next row at the toe area above the first strip. Carefully apply 1½ in. SK8TAPE ® parallel to the first strip, overlapping a few millimeters to ensure complete coverage. 
  • Cut at back. Repeat on other side. 

    SK8 #4

    FIGURE 4:

  • For taping the remainder of the boot, begin applying SK8TAPE ® at the back (where the previous strips were cut). Apply 1½ in. SK8TAPE ® across the boot. Extend each strip past the lace holes and cut. 
  • Repeat on the other side. Continue taping all the way up the boot. 

    SK8 #5

    FIGURE 5:

  • CAREFULLY trim off excess SK8TAPE ® with utility knife. (As shown by arrows) use knife along sole and at other areas where the leather ends (e.g. top of boot, area inside lace holes, etc.). Apply light pressure when trimming tape to avoid puncturing leather. 

    SK8 #6

    FIGURE 6:

  • Place a ¾ in. SK8TAPE ® strip across the toe above the first ¾ in. strip (in Figure 1). 
  • Apply a strip long enough to cover the ends of the 1½ in. SK8TAPE ® already on the boot. 

    SK8 #7

    FIGURE 7:

  • Place additional strips across the toe until the lace area is reached. 
  • Trim off excess with utility knife.

    SK8 #8

    FIGURE 8:

  • Apply 1½ in. SK8TAPE ® horizontally across the tongue. 
  • At each row cut the tape so that the ends of each strip are in line with the edges of the tongue. 
  • Remove any excess tape with utility knife. 
  • Push out any trapped air bubbles. 
  • If your boot has any big creases (e.g. where the ankle bends), use the utility knife to cut slits in the tape directly on top and along the creases. This will allow SK8TAPE ® to conform better to your boot when you bend. 
Additional Information
  • Remember that the rows of SK8TAPE ® on your boots will not be visible on the ice. Your skates will have a pristine, bright and smooth appearance. 
  • To prevent both discoloration and adhesive property changes, avoid placing SK8TAPE ® and boots with SK8TAPE ® in the sun or in excessive heat. 
  • It is recommended that you replace the SK8TAPE ® on your boots every 2-3 months. 
Did You Know?
  • Black SK8TAPE ® can be used on the entire sole prior to blade mounting. Keep your soles waterproof and scuff-proof with SK8TAPE ®! 
  • SK8TAPE ® comes in a variety of colors for the ¾ inch size: White, Black, and rainbow colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Beige. Use SK8TAPE ® instead of boot covers. Create your own colorful designs! 
  • Keep the resale value of your skates high. Use SK8TAPE ® on your next new pair to keep them looking spotless. 
  • If you have a difficult time finding used boots that fit, your search has now become simpler! With SK8TAPE ® you can transform white boots into black boots and vice versa. 
  • Go crazy with stickers! With SK8TAPE ® you can have a blast decorating your skates with stickers that show off your own style! 
Our highly specialized SK8TAPE ®
  • PROTECTS leather from the usual unavoidable scratches, scrapes and scuffs of skating caused by falls, lunges, partners, precision, etc.. It’s 
  • WATERPROOF, preventing boot damage and rotting from moisture. SK8TAPE ® 
  • STAYS ON for months when skating, yet it can be 
  • EASILY REMOVED only when you want it removed. 
  • NO STICKY RESIDUE is left behind, unlike other tapes, and it 
  • STRETCHES to fit securely around the curves on boots. SK8TAPE ® is 
  • INCONSPICUOUS and is excellent for all competitions, giving skates a 
  • CLEAN, BRIGHT SHINE that no polish can provide! 


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